Liten smart plug, på/av, 2500W, elmätare

Bild av Liten smart plug, på/av, 2500W, elmätare

Liten Z-wave Plus plugg med energimätning. AN1812
Tillv.: Everspring
Ordinarie pris: 549 kr
- 27%
Kampanjpris: 399 kr
Lägsta priset senaste 30 dagarna: 399 kr
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Kompatibel med samtliga fjärrstyrda produkter i denna butik som är Z-Wave kompatibla och märkta med denna symbol. Tellstick ZNet kan användas för att styra dessa produkter från en webbläsare eller telefon.

The AN181 is a miniature size smart plug module to turn on/off home appliance by wireless control and measures its power consumption usage. Compact in design, yet certified for safety by makes it suitable for plugging into any power outlet. Supporting Z-wave Plus technology, it is fully compatible with other Z-wave Plus controllers to create a smarthome applications focused on energy efficiency. This product incorporates the Everspring patented zero-crossing technology to prolong lifetime of the relay.


  • Measures electricity consumption of connected appliance
  • Turn devices on and off by wireless or by manual switch on the module
  • Support up to 2500W resistive load
  • Z-wave Plus wireless technology SDK 6.5x
  • LED indicator and button for pairing
  • Detects when a load is turned on (e.g. TV) and informs gateway
  • Remembers last status before power cut
  • Onboard storage of accumulated energy consumption
  • Reports when power usage exceeds preset value
  • Software overload detection and cut-off
  • Hardware surge protection